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Practice Profile

The DCM Partnership was formed early in 1988 by a group of experienced Chartered Architects and Project Managers to provide a comprehensive design and construction management service to developers, contractors and building owners and occupiers. The practice concentrates on commercial, industrial, retail and leisure developments and, through its accumulated experience, has a full understanding of the requirements of commercial clients and the importance of achieving programme and budget targets.

Initial site appraisals and concept work demonstrate the potential of a site and enable us to offer the client schemes founded on thorough research. Detailed reports and presentations enable the client to take immediate decisions and allow confident development of the design towards construction information, which is continuously monitored to maintain ‘buildability’. Our knowledge of the construction process, supervision of the design team’s input and thorough overall management of the project reduces the headaches usually associated with building.

Modern trends in construction, together with large capital investments, dictate that the time period from conception to completion, be it community, industrial, commercial or leisure orientated, should be kept to an absolute minimum. To achieve this, it is necessary to have the close co-operation and full co-operation of all the numerous associated services required. This co-ordinating function is carried out as part of the service, leaving the client free to continue the unhindered running of their business, while the project is being designed and constructed to match their requirements.

Basically construction is not difficult, just complex.

The DCM Partnership has the organisational efficiency and management skills to reduce this complexity to a minimum and our awareness of the importance of high standards in design, economic performance and practical efficiency leads to the production of buildings well suited to today’s markets.

The DCM Partnership works as part of a team, co-ordinating and managing the efforts of that team to produce an end product that fully satisfies the aspirations of the client. Participation in Design & Build projects leads to efficient team-working and is particularly suited to industrial and commercial developments.

The Practice has recently become a Limited Company, trading as The DCM Partnership Ltd.